About Us

About Us

HEX20 is founded and run by a group of people passionate about outer space and its ever-expanding horizons. The same passion propels us in building satellite platforms, mission services, and their subsystems. We closely work with government-funded defense systems, commercial projects, and academic space missions. Lunar and Mars missions stand testimony to our technical expertise in defense and space exploration systems.

HEX20 is one of the nine global space startups to join Australia’s first space dedicated incubator program under The University of South Australia’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre (ICC) in the Venture Catalyst Space program, supported by the South Australian Government’s Space Innovation Fund.

HEX20 | Defence and Space Technologies

Mission & Vision


Bringing Space Closer - To be the best-in-class space technology company offering fit for function scalable platforms and end to end turnkey small satellite mission solutions.

The world above us always fascinates us. We want to explore the tremendous opportunities that outer space offers us. We want to be the pioneering space technology company that provides services to everyone interested in exploring outer space. From scalable platforms for defense and commercial establishments to small satellite mission solutions, we have it all. CubeSat technology domain, the game-changer from us, aims to disrupt traditional space systems development. By harnessing the power of CubeSat technology, you can reduce the project turn-around time and get the right balance between flexibility, compatibility, and reliability.

Our Team


The main team at HEX20 are with common interests and a fascination for space. Grew up in a town close to the biggest Space Research Facility, watched many weather rockets being fired and satellite launches, love for space for us started at a very young age. We are looking for the kind of work that speaks to possibility and progress, unlocking opportunity to drive positive impact for the world around us.

  • Lloyd Jacob Lopez

    Lloyd Jacob Lopez

    CEO & Strategic Partnerships

  • Ashwin Chandran

    Ashwin Chandran

    Co-Founder & Chief of R&D

Our Partners

  • Adelaide
  • ICC
  • Leap Sheep
  • Nanyang
  • NST
  • University of South Australia

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