27U CubeSat Bus

27U CubeSat Bus

Hex20 27U – HEX20 27U CubeSat bus is built using an open architecture model, wherein the components are modular, scalable, and reconfigurable.

This 27U CubeSat unit is engineered to meet the highest defense standards for command, data handling, telemetry, tracking, and control. Another fantastic feature of this unit is the solar panel array system, whose auto-deploy functionality makes it an ideal choice for defense, commercial nano-satellite, and micro-satellite missions.


  • Structural Dimensions :

    30X30X30 cm

  • OBC :

    SmartFusion2, Xilinx Trenz Dual cortex-A9 SOM

  • Structural Mass :

    15 kg

  • Communication :

    UHF, S-band, X-Band

  • Average Payload Power Available :


    (configuration dependent)
  • Telemetry Data Rate :

    UHF-9600 bps, Sband- 1 to 5 Mbps X- Band-15-100 mbps

  • Pointing :

    30 arc second over three axis

  • Interfaces :

    I2C,UART, RS 232, RS422, SPI, LVDS, CAN

  • Available Payload Mass :

    upto 20 kg

  • Available power buses :

    3.3 V, 5 V, customizable 6-15 V and Battery raw

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