6U CubeSat Bus

6U CubeSat Bus

HEX20 6U platform is an ideal and tactical solution for commercial and scientific missions in domains such as signals intelligence, geospatial intelligence, air traffic monitoring, earth observation, and defense/space science.

The Hex20 6U spacecraft bus is a high-performance, high TRL bus with state-of-the-art CubeSat pointing and data downlink capabilities. This feature-rich CubeSat platform helps in getting maximum satellite orbital life and considerable savings on the maintenance costs.


  • Structural Dimensions :

    10X20X30 cm/h3>

  • OBC :

    SmartFusion2, Xilinx Trenz Dual cortex-A9 SOM

  • Structural Mass :

    3 kg

  • Communication :

    UHF, X-Band, S-Band(optional), CCSDS Compliant

  • Average Payload Power Available :


    (configuration dependent)
  • Telemetry Data Rate :

    19.2 kbps

    (9.3kbps UHF, 1-5 Mbps S-band, and 15-100 mbps X-band)
  • Pointing :

    30 arc second over three axis

  • Interfaces :

    I2C,UART, RS 232, RS422, SPI, LVDS,CAN

  • Available Payload Mass :

    4- 7kg

    (configuration dependent)
  • Available power buses :

    3.3 V, 5 V, customizable 6-15 V and Battery raw

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