FLATSAT (lab based test-bed)

FLATSAT (lab based test-bed)

HEX20 FlatSat is a lab based test-bed for cubesats. Combined with our mobile Ground station module, our (satellite-in-a-box) Flatsat lets you be up and running by just powering on and toggling a couple of switches. The satellite sends beacons and the ground station demodulates and displays the beacon data. Your satellite development environment is setup for easy payload interfacing. The FPGA based OBC can be reconfigured enabling you to use the same Flatsat for multiple missions. The prototype boards enables easy payload protoyping and connection to the rest of the spacecraft.


Generic design suitable for multiple projects. Not hard-wired for a single mission.
6 nos PC-104 Slots with full one-to-one I/O pin mapping. (CDH, EPS, COMMs,
Interface Card & 2 spares)
2 nos PC-104 Connectors for Bus Probing, Voltage Measurement & Debugging.
2 nos Dummy PC-104 outline for mounting components like Battery Stack, ADCS.
1 * Deployment Toggle Switch, 1 * RBF Switch, 1 * Spare Switch.
1 * Antenna Deployment LED Indicator & Load.
2 * Solar Panel Deployment LED Indicator & Load, 1 * Power LED Indicator.
2 * SMA-SMA Pass-through for VHF/UHF Antenna with 30dB Attenuator.
Connector For Solar Array Simulator & External Battery Charging.

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