3U CubeSat Bus

3U CubeSat Bus

HEX20 3U CubeSat Bus is preconfigured for multiple applications. It assimilates core flight-proven subsystems and advanced features. Precise attitude computation and control, secured communications design, optimal electrical output, and robust command and data handling system are some of the key elements of this unit. This 3U platform is the perfect candidate for technical demonstrations, radio communications missions, earth observation, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) services.


Structural Dimensions : 10X10X30 cm
Structural Mass : 1.25kg (configuration dependent)
Average Payload Power Available : 20W (customizable for higher power)
Payload Volume : 1U- 1.5U
Available Payload Mass : 2.5-3.6kg (configuration dependent)
OBC : Smart Fusion 2, ARM Cortex M3
Communication : UHF, S-Band, X-Band, CCSDS Compliant
Telemetry Data Rate : 19.2 kbps (9.3kbps UHF, 1-5 Mbps S-band, and 15-100 mbps X-band)
Interfaces : I2C, UART, RS 232, RS422, SPI, LVDS, CAN
Available power buses : 3.3 V, 5 V, customizable 6-12 V and Battery raw

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