UHF/VHF Transceivers

UHF/VHF Transceivers

UHF/VHF Transceiver module is a CubeSat compatible radio module operating in half duplex mode. The radio modem works in sub-carrier mode AFSK/FM.


VHF Frequency Range: 145- 148 MHz
UHF Frequency Range: 434 – 438 MHz
Frequency Resolution: 1 KHz
RF Transmitter Power Output : 1 Watt/ 30 dBm or 2 Watt/ 33dBm *
RF Receiver Sensitivity: 110 dBm
RF Data Rate: 1.2 Kbps
RF Modulation: AFSK/ FM
RF Packet Format: AX.25
Power Supply: 5 VDC
CDH HK Interface: 9600 bps TTL UART
CDH Data Interface: 9600 bps TTL UART
Radio Mode: Half Duplex

Transceiver Hex20

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