The UAE Flat Sat mission is a strategic initiative undertaken by HEX20, in collaboration with UAE Space Agency, with the primary goal of providing comprehensive training and development for the design and engineering of FlatSat models. The ultimate objective of this mission is to deliver state-of-the-art FlatSat engineering models to UAE Space Academy.HEX20 has played a pivotal role as the expert training partner throughout the UAE Flat Sat project, leveraging their in-depth knowledge and industry expertise to design and implement a robust training program. This program is specifically tailored to equip UAE Space Agency’s team with the skills, techniques, and knowledge required to excel in FlatSat engineering.

The training and development program under the UAE Flat Sat mission encompasses various topics, including advanced design principles, efficient manufacturing techniques, rigorous testing methodologies, and crucial quality assurance processes. It also emphasizes practical hands-on experiences and workshops to ensure participants gain valuable insights and real-world problem-solving capabilities. UAE Space Agency’s team honed their skills and expertise, benefiting from the valuable guidance and support provided by HEX20. Three cutting-edge FlatSat models were delivered to UAE Space Academy, meeting their specifications and requirements. The delivery of these three Flat Sat engineering models to UAE Space Academy marks a significant milestone for HEX20 and UAE Space Agency and the broader space technology industry. The UAE Flat Sat mission exemplifies the power of collaboration, expertise, and customer focus in delivering groundbreaking solutions and propelling the space exploration domain forward.

UAE Flat Sat mission represents a successful training, development, and collaboration journey, leading to the delivery of top-of-the-line Flat Sat engineering models. It showcases the commitment of HEX20 and the UAE Space Agency to excellence and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on the space technology landscape.


UAE FlatSAT Hex20
UAE FlatSAT Hex20


The Taiwan SAISI 3U Mission represents a groundbreaking 3U custom CubeSat platform mission, forged through a collaborative partnership between Hex20 and National Central University Taiwan. Led by Hex20, this mission marks a momentous occasion as it signifies Australia’s inaugural satellite built for export, showcasing the nation’s advancements in space technology on the global stage.

At the core of this mission lies the satellite platform provided by Hex20. The 3U custom CubeSat platform stands as a testament to Hex20’s engineering expertise, offering adaptability and reliability to accommodate a range of scientific instruments and payloads.

The mission’s focal point is the pivotal AIS SDR (Automatic Identification System Software-Defined Radio) research payload, meticulously developed by NCU Taiwan. Combining AIS and software-defined radio capabilities, the AIS SDR payload enables real-time maritime tracking and identification of ships and vessels. This research payload plays a pivotal role in advancing maritime safety, preventing accidents, monitoring maritime activities, and optimizing shipping routes for enhanced efficiency.

The seamless collaboration between Hex20 and National Central University Taiwan ensures the successful integration of the AIS SDR payload into the CubeSat platform, laying the foundation for a triumphant mission.

Through this groundbreaking mission, the Taiwan SAISI 3U team aspires to inspire space ambitions and contribute to the world’s understanding of space exploration. The Taiwan SAISI 3U Mission serves as a beacon of innovation, cooperation, and international collaboration, exemplifying the spirit of progress and discovery in the vast cosmos. As the Taiwan SAISI 3U Mission embarks on its celestial journey, it promises to leave an enduring legacy in the realms of science, space research, and international cooperation.


The FOG 3U Mission stands as a pioneering 3U CubeSat platform mission, a testament to collaborative efforts between Hex20 and National Central University – Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (NCU – CAPE). At the core of this venture is the satellite platform, meticulously engineered by Hex20. This 3U CubeSat platform boasts robustness and versatility, providing a stable and adaptable foundation for the payload and scientific instruments.

The crucial payload for this mission is FOG (Fiber Optic Gyroscope) from NCU – CAPE. The FOG payload represents state-of-the-art technology, offering highly precise and accurate orientation and navigational data. Its exceptional capabilities make it ideal for guiding and stabilizing the CubeSat during its mission, ensuring precise positioning and data collection.

Together, the FOG 3U Mission in collaboration with Hex20 & National Central University – Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (NCU – CAPE) aims to expand our knowledge of space, collect valuable data, and showcase the potential of collaborative efforts in driving the future of space exploration. With cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art payloads, and seamless teamwork, this mission promises to inspire new frontiers in space research and pave the way for even more remarkable discoveries in the cosmos.


The COSPAR 3U Mission marks Hex20’s innovative and collaborative venture in space exploration, joining forces with Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP – USA), National Central University – Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (NCU – CAPE), Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales (LATMOS – France), and Skyroot Aerospace – India to launch a 3U CubeSat platform mission with a comprehensive payload. Led by Hex20, this mission combines cutting-edge technology and expertise from multiple industry leaders.

The satellite platform, expertly engineered by Hex20, serves as the backbone of the mission, providing a robust and adaptable 3U CubeSat platform for seamless integration and deployment of the payloads. LASP – USA, NCU – CAPE and LATMOS contribute their state-of-the-art payloads to the mission, including a Sun Sensor, Dosimeter and IR Sensor, respectively.The Dosimeter from NCU, plays a vital role in monitoring and recording radiation exposure during the mission, providing essential data for future space endeavours. LASP Sun Sensor offers precise sun tracking capabilities, optimizing the satellite’s orientation and power generation through efficient solar panel utilization. Meanwhile, LATMOS IR Sensor captures thermal data for comprehensive Earth observation, enabling climate monitoring and aiding disaster response and resource management efforts.

Skyroot Aerospace is the Launch Vehicle Partner, leveraging its expertise in launch services to deploy the CubeSat into its designated orbit with precision and safety.

Through this collaborative endeavour, the COSPAR 3U Mission promises to advance our understanding of space radiation, optimize satellite performance, and enhance Earth observation capabilities. The synergy between Hex20, LASP, NACU, LATMOS and Skyroot Aerospace represents a significant leap forward in space technology, fostering exploration and discovery in the cosmos and inspiring future missions with its groundbreaking achievements.


Hex20 embarks on an ambitious technical Demo Mission, focused on Research and Development, utilizing both 3U and 6U Cube Satellite platforms. At the heart of this mission lies a High Efficiency, Low Power, System on Chip (SoC) equipped with military-grade encryption, ensuring a highly secure link between the satellites and the ground station for data transmission.

The deployment of both 3U and 6U Cube Satellite platforms showcases Hex20’s commitment to versatility and innovation. These platforms offer the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of scientific instruments and payloads, enabling comprehensive research and experimentation in space.

The High Efficiency, Low Power, System on Chip (SoC) represents a breakthrough in space technology, optimizing power consumption to extend mission endurance and enhance data collection efficiency. The incorporation of military-grade encryption ensures the utmost protection of communications, safeguarding critical data and preventing unauthorized access during the mission.

Partnering with Skyroot Aerospace as the launch partner ensures a seamless and precise liftoff, propelling the Cube Satellites into their designated orbits with reliability and precision. Skyroot Aerospace’s expertise in launch services strengthens the mission’s success and efficiency.

Hex20’s technical demo mission embodies the spirit of exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of space research. As this mission unfolds, it promises to yield valuable insights, inspiring future advancements in space technology and contributing to the growing body of knowledge in the realm of space science. The mission stands as a testament to Hex20’s dedication to research and development, driving progress in space exploration for the betterment of humanity.

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